Nick Covey

The idea for Creture came to me along time ago from a friend who wanted to create a clothing brand that supported a different breed of individuals. Nothing happened with the brand for years, but the idea was stuck in the back of my mind slowly developing. One day while I was sitting in a college class thinking about my childhood I realized that this wasn’t just some idea. I realized that almost everyone I talked to suffered from the same thing. They all suffered from living a life that wasn't fulfilling and wishing they were somewhere else.

I created Creture because I believe that what we wear should mean something. Growing up I always had numerous hobbies and passions from skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, dirt biking, horse back riding, mountain biking, shooting guns, scuba diving, hiking, and for the sake of keeping this short, a bunch more haha. While I was in school or doing anything else I couldn’t stop thinking about these things. I found that this is the same with most people; we all have that one thing that we can’t stop thinking about, but when we are doing it we aren’t thinking about anything.

This led me to the realization that these hobbies/passions are all means of escaping our over-active minds and becoming present in the moment. But more than that, they are signs of what we should truly be doing. Since our work is going to fill the majority of our lives we might as well love what we are doing.

 My goal is to help inspire others to find and develop their passions so that they are doing what they love every day. Regardless of what yours may be, I want to help you represent it.

- Nick